The SALTGAE project will develop and demonstrate an effective ‘methodology’ for addressing the cross-cutting challenges (barriers) to innovation.

The proposed methodology comprises five key pillars:

Develop a single platform to mobilise key knowledge holders, facilitators, influencers, decision makers, providers, beneficiaries etc… (people, organisations and groupings) and assemble the necessary critical mass of capabilities, resources and authority to be able to inform, decide and implement change.
Our intention is to create synergies with platforms and activities, who already mobilise many of these stakeholders, such as:

If each stakeholder is able to understand the needs, interests and challenges of the other, we are more likely to be able to identify a common vision and strategy for overcoming these challenges, particularly for changes implemented across the value chain (where one element of the value chain implements changes to benefit another rather than itself). Such communication offers truly disruptive potential.

SALTGAE will implement robust tools to ensure effective education and communication across all value chains.



We will undertake an innovation system assessment to fully define:

  • the requirements (the need to enable innovation),
  • existing position (how it is now),
  • challenges (that prevent or hinder innovation).

The assessment will consider all aspects and criteria relevant to the innovation framework, namely: political; societal; technological; legislation and environmental.

The assessment will not only seek to understand each individual aspect but also their interaction and effect on each other, enabling the consortium to identify those requirements of greatest priority and impact.

The assessment will provide a key foundation for education and for driving the subsequent vison, strategy and roadmap for overcoming the challenges

Based on the outcomes of the innovation system assessment and working closely with the key stakeholder platform, the SALTGAE consortium will define and agree a common vision, strategy and roadmap for:

  • overcoming the identified cross cutting challenges;
  • creating a framework to facilitate take-up of the SALTGAE solution.

Here the consortium will leverage, and seek to reinforce and advance, the many strategies and roadmaps available via this platform. A key focus will be on achieving critical mass and cross sector communication to address unmet challenges.

To achieve the target vision, strategy and roadmap a short, medium and long term implementation plan will be proposed.

The plan will define:

  • the target objectives, milestones and success measures;
  • the implementation plan;
  • leadership roles and responsibilities;
  • the required resources and partnerships;
  • anticipated risks.

During the scope of the SALTGAE project we intend to implement the first stages of the plan to gain momentum and stakeholder commitment for long term implementation.