Presenting innovative systems using algae for wastewater treatment – EUBCE 2019 Lisbon (PT)

11:00 Introduction to algal and other nutrient recovery technologies

Keynote speaker: Dr.Raul Muñoz, Associate Professor, University of Valladolid

11:20 Presentation of Saltgae project

Keynote speaker: Dr. Robert Reinhardt, CEO, Algen

11:35 Presentation of Water2Return project

Keynote: Mrs. Pilar Zapata Aranda, Project Manager, Bioazul

11:50 Presentation of European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

Keynote speaker: Dr. Ludwig Hermann, ESPP

12:05 Presentation of SABANA project

Keynote speaker: Dr. Fransisco Gabriel Acien Fernandez, Associate Professor, University of Almeria

12:20 Presentation of SYSTEMIC project: large biogas demonstration plants with nutrient recovery

Keynote speaker: Dr. Ludwig Hermann, ESPP

12:35 Presentation of ALL-GAS project

Keynote speaker: Mr. Frank Rogala, Director of Innovation and Technology Department, Aqualia

12:50 Presentation of SMART-Plant project

Keynote speakers: Dr. Daniel Dias, Researcher, New University of Lisbon – Dr. João Ribeiro, Researcher, New University of Lisbon

13:05 Panel: Identifying potential customers

Open discussion with the involvement of all speakers.

13:40 Closing remarks