Final Event – Ljubljana (SI) September 2019

Microalgae as a sustainable alternative for wastewater treatment 

25th September 2019 –  Grand Hotel Union – Miklosiceva 1 (1000 Ljubljana)

09.00 – Registration and coffee

09.30 – Welcoming message.
Dr. Marco de la Feld (ENCO srl – SaltGae Exploitation Manager)

Session 1 – SaltGae project main results

09.35 – SaltGae Project General Overview.
Dr. José Ignacio Lozano (FUNDITEC – SaltGae Project Coordinator)

09.45 – SaltGae Project: 3 Demo Sites.

Slovenia demo site – Dr. Robert Reinhardt, (Algen – SaltGae Technical Manager)
Italy demo site – Dr. Silvio Mangini, (Archimede – SaltGae Scientific Manager)
Israel demo site – Dr. Sigrid Penno-Winters, (Central and Northern Arava R&D)

11.00 – SaltGae high added value products: Brief explanation about coatings, animal feed, and adhesives performance.
Prof. Stefano Ettore Romano Turri (INSTM – SaltGae WP4 Leader)

11.15 – High saline anaerobic digestion.
Dr. Monica Carvalheira (NOVA.ID.FCT)

11.30 – SaltGae Economic Sustainability: Presentation of the Business Tool.
Dr. Greg McNamara (Dublin City University)  

Session 2 – Main thematic synergies and other project cooperation

11.45 – An introduction to biotechnologies based on algae and other photosynthetic technologies.
Prof. Pedro García (University of Valladolid)

12.00 – The Microalgae hub project: how to use microalgae for agro-industrial wastewater bioremediation and valorisation of the algal biomass.
Prof. Dr. Elena Ficara (Politecnico di Milano) 

12.15 – The Microalgae hub project: how to use  by-product from the food industry to grow microalgae and their valorisation.
Dr. Katia Parati (Istituto Sperimentale Italiano Lazzaro Spallanzani) 

12.30 – The IMAP project: how to integrate microalgae culturing in conventional wastewater treatment plant.
Prof. Valeria Mezzanotte (University of Milano Bicocca) 

12.45 – ALG-AD project.
Dr. Carole Llewellyn  (Swansea University) 

13.00 – Water2Return project.
Dr. Rok Mihelič (University of Ljubljana)

13:15 – Wrap up session.
Dr. Jose Ignacio Lozano

13.30 Lunch

14:45 – Visit to KOTO Demo facility.

16:30 – End of visit and bus back to the Hotel