The SaltGae partners will regularly seek the views of stakeholders on the solution developed within the project and on the unveil innovation barriers that prevent the take-up of the new technologies for the wastewater treatment.

In this section of the website, you can find out about open consultations in the area of wastewater treatment and related policy and regulations. You can also find details of previous public consultations, including information about the responses received and the follow-up taken.

The open consultations aim to collect information, opinions and new ideas from the general public and stakeholders on central issues related to wastewater treatment, including cross-cutting and governance issues to help prioritize water within the political agenda and influence policy and legislation by acting together within a platform that mobilizes a critical mass of stakeholders and supporting information and evidence. It will be possible to participate by filling out an online questionnaire.

In the page dedicated to each open consultation will be available the following information:

  • Description of the topic and the objectives
  • Target participant
  • Consultation period
  • Background documents
  • Information on how to submit your contribution
  • Contact of the responsible partner

The first open consultation will be launched soon.