Biomass valorization and bio-materials

This Working Group is managed by POLIMI
Biomass valorization and bio-materials

The working group focuses on several objectives in order to achieve the valorisation of the algal biomass.

The first part aims to obtain an optimal method for the biomass harvesting: an efficient method for the concentration of the sludge will be developed, considering issue such as cellular integrity and membrane fouling.

The second task is the refinement of the biomass, in order to separate proteins, lipids and sludge. Each one of these phases will be used for different applications. Purity of the fractions will be ensured.

Eventually, after the fractioning of the biomass, several exploitation paths will be explored.

Algal fractions will be used for animal feed in order to reduce the amount of antibiotics actually required.

Proteins and lipids will serve as building blocks for edible coatings and wood coating. Particular issues will be addressed for edible coatings, such as oxygen permeability and optical properties.

The sludge will be used as an additive in the 3D-printing process of ceramic materials. Furthermore, algal sludge with natural rubber and wheat gluten polymers will form biocomposites. The retention of mechanical properties will be evaluted.

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Riccardo Ciapponi

Riccardo Ciapponi has a Master Degree in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology. He worked as a researcher on advanced polymers, sol-gel chemistry and additive manufacturing of polymers and ceramic materials.