Micro-algae pond

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Micro-algal ponds will be utilized to improve the treatment of wastewater from the food and beverage industry. Halotolerant algae/bacteria consortiums will be used to eliminate the organic matter and nutrients. A special emphasis will be given to different salinity conditions, characteristic for the F&B industry effluents. The purpose is to provide an effective and ecological solution for the wastewater treatment as well as innovative way of producing algal biomass, that will subsequently be valorized into different by-products, reducing the economic and environmental impact of the treatment.

The ponds will be included into three demo sites (Italy, Slovenia, Israel) and inoculated with the algae/bacteria consortiums chosen based on laboratory testing. The ponds architecture will be carefully planned to meet the geographical and seasonal needs. Further research of the consortium’s performace will be implemented on demo sites to optimize the treatment and bioproduction.

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Robert Reinhardt

Robert Reinhardt (MS Mathematics) started his career in computer science at Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana. Later he was cofounder, CTO and CTE of large IT company and continued his work as a business angel. He is the CEO of AlgEn, leading and cooperating in several national and international algal projects.